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Our line of incense range from common fragrances and varieties to premium scents derived from nature. We looked hard and long to find "The Worlds Best" incense to package and place our private "Stronghold Smoke-n-Stuff" label on. Selecting nature's best fragrances has been "The Old World" way of making incense. We offer this special line to you.

Some of our fragrances are: Jasmine, vanilla raspberry, cool water, wild cherry, coco mango, baby powder, buttnaked, cherry berries, summer breeze, gardenia, midnight lover, nag champa, cinnamon, vanilla, sex on the beach, booty call, sun moon stars, lavender, belizian, breeze, peaches and cream, egyptian musk, sandlewood, opium, rain forest, cucumber melon, sweet mango, tropical blends, jamaican plum, monkey farts, obsession, lick me all over, money blessing, sweet pussy, dragon blood, patchouli, frankincense and myrrh and raspberry dream.

Soothing the mind can come from a variety of sources. Fragrant Oils support calming properties found in nature and is called Aromatherapy. Not only will your home smell great but your overall wellbeing will find the scents both calming and pleasurable. To release the oil's effects, a source of heat is needed and we have a variety of implements that will do this. We also carry candles and aerosol can fragrances that immediately take care of unwanted odors.

Some of our oil fragrances are: Sandalwood, money blessing, frankincense & myrrh, lavender, lick me all over, tropical blends, eucalyptus, dragons blood, midnight lover, butt naked, sex on the beach, cucumber melon, egyptian musk, sweet pussy, island passion, jamaican plum, baby powder, sweet mango, vanilla, french vanilla and sacred sage.

Some of our aerosol fragrances are: Orange Lemon Splash, Bamboo Breeze, creamy vanilla, clothesline fresh, lavender with camomille, mulberry & spice, cinnamon, fresh strawberry, honey dew melon, dragons blood, patchouli, nag champa and sandalwood.

Some of our candle fragrances are: Nag champa, patchouli, honey dew, orange lemon splash, clothesline fresh, mulberry & spice, creamy vanilla, mango pomegranate, lavender, fresh strawberry, dragons blood, sandalwood, cherry pomegranate, green apple pomegranate, caramel vanilla latte, Holiday Scents: hollyberry hills, cracklin fireside, evergreen & berries, hot apple cobbler, pumpkin caramel latte, pumpkin & spice, sugared cranberry, caramel apple and cinnamon sprinkle.
Our Incense and Oils are...

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