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We carry a full line of both name brand and discount brands of cigarettes. Having one of the largest selection of brands in the Quad Cities makes us a destination for many of our customers. We also can order your favorite brand if not in stock. Stronghold is your RYO Headquarters carrying both roll your own machines and a wide variety of bulk tobacco.
Our full line of cigars range from popular brands to connoisseur cigars. We don't have a humidor but would rather order you a box of your favorite brand fresh from the factory. Providing fresh cigars for your smoking pleasure is our main concern. We have bulk cigar and pipe tobacco for those of you who would like to roll your own cigars or use cigarette machines.
Many people think that tobacco came from the Americas but this is not true. Only certain varieties did. Tobacco smoking has been around the Middle East for 1000's of years. From generation to generation both growing and curing techniques were passed down from father to son. This became an art finding the finest and smoothest blend. In the 1500's the hookah appeared. Adding a level of smooth and cool smoking pleasure not experienced before, it became a hit and rooted into the culture. Hookah tobacco is cured and processed differently than cigarette tobacco taking the tar and nicotine to very low levels. Flavored varieties use only natural ingredients and offer a new experience. Enjoy the pleasure of smoking from a Hookah and experience what the Old World has known for hundreds of years. True Smoking Pleasure! Have a Hookah Party and share with your friends.
Hookah Parties: 1st hour is $15.00, every bowl or hour after that is $10.00. Includes Hookah, choice of shisha, private lounge, big screen tv, huge bean bag seat, cable. Customers are able to bring in game systems or dvd player and enjoy a movie of their choice. Drinks (non alcoholic) available at additional charge.
Call us at 928-636-3761 to schedule Your Hookah Party!

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