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A vaporizer is a device used to extract for inhalation the active ingredients of tobacco, herbs and blends. Vaporization is an alternative to burning (smoking) that avoids the inhalation of many irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products. Plant oil is effectively vaporized. No combustion occurs, so very little ashy smokiness is smelled or tasted. Vapor ideally contains minimal particulate of tar, and significantly lower concentrations of noxious gases such as carbon monoxide. Vaporizers are made of materials such as metal or glass. The extracted vapor may be collected in a jar, inflatable bag, or inhaled directly. With little to no smoke produced and cooler temperatures, less material is required to achieve a given level of effect. Hence, the irritating and harmful effects of smoking are reduced, as is second hand smoke. Vaporizers are less harmful than smoking.

We carry a variety of both home models and travel vaporizers. Some models are controlled electronically and others are hand operated.

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